Morris Minor Workshop is an accident repair specialist.

From a wing replacement to a full upper body restoration, every job is carried out to the highest quality and every effort is made to maximise the longevity of the work carried out.

Example - Wing Replacement:

At the Morris Minor Workshop we only use genuine Heritage wings.  These are supplied with a hard high quality primer which requires keying with the correct grade and quality abrasive paper before any other treatment can be applied.

This process is undertaken on the underside of the panel before all water ingression seams are sealed with a good quality sealer and then the underside of the wing is treated with a rubberised coating which had excellent adhesion properties.  This all helps with the longevity of the new panel.

The exterior of the wing is then prepared ready to prime.  A single coat of a high quality etch primer is applied which eats into the bare metal in order to give best adhesion to the new panel.  This is followed by three coats of Sikkens Lesonal high build primed which is then baked in our low bake oven.

The top coats used in the Morris Minor Workshop paint shop are a high solid acrylic top coat or water based basecoat and two pack lacquer.  These products are compliant with today’s regulations for solvent consumption.

When restoring existing panels before any paintwork is carried out we will always remove all existing paints to avoid any long-term paint reactions caused by over-coating of cellulose paints with acrylic two pack paint.

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